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I meet other girls who want to model sometimes so I am going to tell you about one way to get a portfolio and some experience.

I've wanted to model for a long time so when I saw a class offered at the community college I decided to take it. I learned a lot by working with different photographers and seeing their various approaches. Like anything, you get out of it what you put in to it. I got some great photos for my portfolio and met some nice people.

Many of the pictures posted here are from that class so you can judge for yourself. We traveled to locations throughout the Las Vegas area which is a world class background. The photography students provided extensive equipment and support. Some of them have outfitted their homes with professional studio lighting and backgrounds. If you want to model this is a good way to gain both experience and a quality portfolio. Things to remember? Communication is important when trying to achieve something worthwhile, so come prepared to work, bring your own ideas, ask questions and be focused! I brought several props to each class and this allowed us to use valuable creative time to capture different looks. If you can interpret moods and project different images then you can model. If you can work with different people doing the same thing on the other side of the lens just imagine the possibilities!

The class members email, bio and contact information are provided below. These photographers are student-professionals, they are learning, but they are also currently working. You can contact them if you are an aspiring model, or need quality photos. (Place the cursor over the photographers name for a popup menu—or click on the "Photographers Contact information" link). The class instructor, Michael McCauliffe, is a working professional photographer with many years experience and a nice person besides. Contact him about enrolling in the class or scheduling a photo shoot.

So if you look at the photo pages these shots were mostly a result of this class! (All photogrpaher credits are posted there too) If you see a style you like, or an idea for a photo you want to do, you can contact one of these photographers yourself to see if they will work with you. Chances are they will because they want the same thing you do: to build a portfolio of quality photos, be creative, and work with someone interested in improving their skills. This is a great way to get started, it benefits both parties and its fun.

The "Las Vegas Fashion Photographers Guild" links are provided as well. Check them out.

A last note on getting a portfolio. I am not an expert but I've seen advertisements with slick promotionals on TV on how to become a model. You have too. These businesses try to sell you classes or lessons (which can cost thousands of dollars). They promise to teach you the business and sell you a portfolio. By going to the local college, where there is an academic environment and people who want to learn their craft, I was able to get the experience I needed the feedback and help I wanted (without unwanted distractions) and without signing an expensive contract for lessons or photos. It was a positive environment. I can't tell you about those advertised schools because I didn't go, but I can say that the class I took from the Community College of Southern Nevada cost very little and provided a great foundation. Some people practice photography by doing it; you can become a model the same way.

I will provide more information and links here as I find them! Another approach is to contact booking agencies or talent promoters directly. So here are a few of these in the Las Vegas area. This is a list of Las Vegas model and talent agencies. Here is a local talent agency with a nice online site, and here is another.

Finally (for now) my thoughts about making your dreams come true—when you think you've done enough—you need to ....?? another notch!

Other thoughts? I put this thing here for fun. It has a cool special effect with a secret message, can you read it? Hint: Beauty is in the eye of...


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